SEEN: a memoir

Learn more about Leah Zaccaria by reading her latest book.

SEEN: a memoir

Embark in an inspirational journey to openness and vulnerability, love and self-worth, seeing and being seen by reading Leah’s book.




“Once I started reading Leah Zaccaria’s enthralling memoir Seen, I couldn’t put it down. This is a heart-gripping story about what it takes to truly be “seen”. Not the safe, presenting, approval-seeking seen, but the vulnerable, raw and gritty seen. Zaccaria takes us on her captivating journey from a neglected young girl clamoring for her alcoholic parents to see her, to a highly successful, corporate climbing woman, who piles on layers of achievement and suburban regalia to be seen as good. Until the day comes when she has to reckon with a soul on fire that is begging to live, begging to be seen. This is about facing fear, about standing in truth, about risking everything, and doing whatever it takes to finally see yourself and let yourself be seen. It’s Zaccaria’s journey, but it’s the essence of the spiritual journey. Inspirational, gutsy, and utterly spellbinding.”

Gail Hudson, memoirist, life coach and New York Times bestselling co-author with Jane Goodall

“Vulnerability is the greatest connector. I see myself in Leah. Seen IS a story of many women. By stepping up to be Seen – Leah opens the deepest parts of her heart to the world, allowing us to meet her where she is & show up to be Seen too. I read the book nonstop for 24 hours. I could not put it down. I gasped, cried and tensed up. I was on the unfolding journey with her. Brilliant, captivating…. Real, Raw… TRUTH. Thank you for allowing us to SEE you – so we can ultimately SEE ourselves.”

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo, Yoga Teacher

“This book not only shatters the lie that is the “American Dream” but it also inspires a new dream that is possible once you allow yourself to see the truth; the truth of your childhood, the truth of your hearts longing and the truth of your purpose. Leah speaks with a straightforward-raw clarity that leaves no room for hiding. She truly allows herself to be seen in all the pain and all the glory that is her story.”

Karina Brossmann, Voice Coach and Yoga Teacher

“Seen chronicles Leah’s journey through life-phases during which we seek affection, approval, and purpose. Even while highlighting her individual experiences, she draws on the universal and foundational need we all have to be seen. In her you see yourself, your child, your student, your sibling, your friend. Her transformation from unseen little girl to leader and mentor is a story of hope and self-study that inspires others to seek (and see!) their truest self.”

Sarah Ilgenfritz, 5th Grade Teacher and Yoga Teacher

“I devoured SEEN in two days, would’ve happened earlier, but I had to sleep. SEEN takes you through a transformation of a little girl who never felt noticed or worthy into this powerhouse fireball who is going to make damn sure you see her! More than that, it’s one of the author’s missions to make every single person she meets seen and celebrated. Leah is honest, raw and articulate. If you haven’t read this yet, please do and then buy more copies for all your girlfriends.”

J Muenz, Certified Health Coach and creator of Fearful to Fit Girl

“MUST READ! I couldn’t put it down, especially toward the end! For anyone wanting to break through a tough time, into a new cycle of life, this will touch and inspire you. This book carried me through a difficult time in my life. I could relate to the whole story, telling myself throughout, wow that happened to me too. I am not alone. It was such a treat to understand Leah’s story through this deep, vulnerable look into the growth phases of her life. I’ve always respected Leah as both a yoga teacher and business woman, but learning about her challenges and struggles showed me that becoming a success, and more importantly loving yourself along, the way is no cake walk. It takes constant effort, reflection, acceptance, and action. Leah provides value in offering deep reflection questions after each chapter. While it’s not self help, it helped me think about where I’m at in life and what I want going forward. I’ll keep this on hand for inspiration. It’s full of wisdom, girl power, business savvy, and most importantly, TRUTH! Loved it.”


“Leah’s transformation is one many may relate to, but not all of us are brave enough to share! From heartbreak to breakthroughs and back again, her raw vulnerability is courageous and inspiring. Presented in a writing style that is totally accessible, the reader can’t help but feel their own truths being explored right along side the author. I dare you not to feel seen as well by reading this book and ready to be more courageous in your life as a result… I know I will be!”

Lara Clark

“Through her early experiences of not feeling truly seen, Leah shares her very brave and real journey with learning how to embrace her courage and live a life that is truly her own creative expression—and this, in turn, allows us to do the same. It is as if, through her own life challenges, she has grown an invaluable gift. It is a gift that I myself, and I know many others, have and will continue to benefit from. Especially the section in which Leah describes how she allows her teachers to be unique, in terms of how they run their class and what they say. For me that was a life-changing, empowering lesson, and one that I believe can help people to step forward and embrace their true voice. Leah’s message is one of courageous living in this precious time that we get. Her words stick with me: “Love always wins” “

Leah Adams, Yin Yoga Teacher

“I have had the privilege of living life along side Leah as her fitness coach, friend, having our baby girls together and the evolution of our supportive and loving best friendship. WOW what a frickin’ force she is!!! Leah has always pushed and leaned in hard to get the hard work done! Her book “Seen” by far is the grand result of her resilience and perseverance. One of the biggest lessons of her book for me, is that it is not by others that I am seen, but it is by heart wrenching vulnerable moments of wrestling with painful truths, that are shared out loud, that are uncovered, that are not allowed live on hidden and unspoken! Her book is the ultimate of “how to” heal and grow. Darkness can not exist and n the light and it takes big big balls to put it all out there. Unshakable healing and freedom is the residual for ever ever outcome and manifestos… Leah is brave, bold, and beautiful!!! She is a light, a lamppost, a ladder, and a life boat to the world!!! Read it and lean it to your shit… You deserve it!!!”

Dawni Rae Shaw, Fitness Coach and Yoga Teacher

“I am a huge fan of memoirs and have read so many good ones. Seen is as good as the best of them. And so much more. Leah (the author) seeks not only to be seen as her true and authentic self by herself and anyone reading her strory, but seeks to help you see yourself through the hard questions she asks, the answers she finds and the inquiries she poses. Highly recommended!”

Dawn Lehman

“This story is raw, honest and brave. As a reader, being touched by the truth has an inescapable ripple effect that demands more truth. Leah’s story has me confronted with the courage and grit that is required to show up – do the work and forge a path that is uniquely authentic to each of – expressed and explored unapologetically.”

Jill Spratt